About S.A.V.E.


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To Social Anxiety Village Enterprises also known as  S.A.V.E. My name is Valerie  and I have experienced Social Anxiety since childhood. I recognized what it was in my early twenties and began my journey to managing it in order to progress and live a meaningful, healthy and productive life.  Here I honestly share my journey, ( ups and downs) as well as resources I find along the way.

Each day is a new discovery with new challenges so I am always growing, learning and understanding Social Anxiety and life in general at deeper levels. But I have to say, when I started my journey I was lost, didn’t know what to do or where to go and I hope that this website can help with just that. I will provide insight into what you have, what you can do about it, and not just manage Social Anxiety but to live at your fullest potential. 

 In the end I hope my journey can help you with yours.

Welcome to The Village


 Goals Of SAVE: 

1) Make Recovery KNOWN for mental health issues- recovery allows us to know there’s hope.
2) Point people to recovery resources that work! (Deliver on the Hope)
3) Get the message out that where you are now is not where you always will be.  Your hopes, dreams and capabilities are not diminished because of mental illness and neither is your quality of life. By showing people in recovery’s progression and fulfillment of their unique hopes and dreams Via community on Instagram #MoreThanSymptoms, articles and interviews.  
4) Help End Stigma & Promote Equality–  By transforming the way the public sees us and the way we see ourselves beyond a label through the Instagram #MoreThanSymptoms campaign. Who are you beyond your symptoms? 
5) To build our sense of worth, and empowerment for people experiencing mental illness. To know just because you have a mental health issue does not mean you are less than but always equal.
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